Who We Are

We’re a tight knit group of gamers with people who have been playing together for over a decade. We’re a raiding guild but we have plenty of room for people who enjoy PVP and open world content. Regardless of what content we’re pushing we’re a social guild first and foremost.

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Guild Details

Sever: Winterhoof
Faction: Horde
Timezone: US Eastern
Age: 18+
Focus: Raiding
Raid Times: Tuesday and Wednesday. 7:30PM -10:30PM
Guild Leader: Lone, Lonetroll, Cyclone, Capps

Latest News

  • The Glorious Return of TG
    As many of you know, our druid healer Troll G Wild has been dead for a couple years now. There are many who deny this fact but that doesn't change what is true. The man died. The cartel took him from us. They took him to Mexico and they put him down like some rabid dog.
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Watch Us Play

The best way to see what you’re getting into is to watch our stream. Tune in below or subscribe to us on Twitch. We stream all of our raids so you can catch us every week.

Who’s Online

We’re very social and spend most of our time in Discord. See who’s available to chat with.