We’re a tight knit group of gamers with people who have been playing together for over a decade. We’re predominately a raiding guild but we have plenty of room for gamers who enjoy casual content too. Regardless of what content we’re pushing we’re a social guild first and foremost.

The Guys in Charge


Guild Master
He once was a boy but now is a man. Lone leads the social eyesore that is Wickedy Woo
Characters: Lone, CappsCyclone


Grand Officer
His kung fu is strongest when he is drunk and his liver is screaming for mercy.
Characters: Rageapples, Ragesauce


Grand Officer
The only person in the world who can play on a trackpad and eat wings at the same time.
Characters: Ctdemonet, Lilyvonshtup


Carbomb is our raid leader, guiding us ever so tenderly into battle against fake dragons.
Characters: Toothgrinder


Hev is one of our main raid healers and a fairly selfish lover. He gives cab fare though.
Characters: Dissa


Hemingweight does all of our recruitment whether he likes it or not. It is his purpose.
Characters: Hemingweight

Guild Atmosphere

We’re an eclectic mix of people from all walks of life. We have college students, couples, parents, a few alcoholics. We even had an old guy once (R.I.P. TG). The only restriction is you must be 18 or older to join us. We tend to be offensive at times and not just a little bit. So if you have a good sense of humor and thick skin then we just might have the perfect environment for you.

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