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    Drek’Thar was born in the wild outback of Draenor. A mighty storm was tearing the countryside asunder. It was as if the very elements themselves stood in fear of what was about to transpire. Drek’Thar’s mother, Mom’Thar, struggled and pushed and concentrated her considerable orcish might towards one purpose; to give birth to the baddest mother fucker this world has ever seen. Try as they might the elements could not stop this. The storm raged on. At the time we had no idea what it was that was about to be born. But Draenor knew. The very planet itself knew. It was a shaman that would control the elements themselves like a master craftsman. It was a lover with a sexual prowess no man of any race could ever hope to match. It was Drek’Thar. The baddest, blindest mother fucker that ever fucked a mother. And fuck a mother he did. For there are no tales of Drek’Thar’s father. Only Mom’Thar, a battle hardened orc who was impregnated by her own progeny. It was Drek’Thar himself who fucked his way into existence.

    The storm raged on. The elements could not abide this abomination. They would not be controlled by a shaman so powerful that he himself could father himself. If he was capable of such feats then who knows what he would wield the elements for. To what end would he mold lightning and earth to his will? The elements took action. A single lightning bolt shot down from the heavens striking Mom’Thar and razing the land around her. But it was too late. Drek’Thar had already been born and he was in no mood for the planet’s bullshit.

    He was born without eyes. A handicap for some but not for Drek’Thar. The moment he came into this world he had extraordinary shamanistic power. He could feel the world around himself. And feel it he did. Like a frisky gym teacher he slowly felt his way along the elemental plane. It was then that he realized the fate of his mother. Outraged by what the elements dared to do he set forth to exact his vengeance. The storm stopped raging down as Drek’Thar bent it to his will. The storm clouds, the lightning, the rain, the very ground itself, all of it coalescing together into one tangible form. Drek’Thar held this elemental mass in place, pushing it down and climbing atop. He leaned in to gently whisper one thing before asserting himself. “You gonna get this dick, baby. Drek’Thar!”. The elements shuddered as Drek’Thar thrust into them. He fucked his way into this world and he will fuck his way through it.

    After several hours of elemental love making the very planet itself succumbed to Drek’Thar’s influence. The storm and earth and every other force that holds this world together learned their lesson. Do not question Drek’Thar. Do not take action against Drek’Thar. Do not refuse Drek’Thar. He lives every day as he lived his first day and A’Dal willing he will live like this until his last day.

    Drek’Thar baby…



    I just fucked a tornado inside out baby, Drek’thar….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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