As many of you know, our druid healer Troll G Wild has been dead for a couple years now. There are many who deny this fact but that doesn’t change what is true. The man died. The cartel took him from us. They took him to Mexico and they put him down like some rabid dog. The bullets that pierced him pierced all of us and it’s been a difficult healing process. The man was like a father to so many of us. Not because of his nurturing wisdom or his protecting presence or anything like that. The man had relations with our mothers. I’d say roughly a third of us are his actual children.

But rest easy, sons and daughters of TG. There is a new light that brightens the days ahead. TG has returned.

Like a modern-day Jesus TG has risen from his grave and walks among us once more. He traveled home from the place he was left in Mexico, walking for days driven only by his love for his family and, more importantly, his love of vengeance. TG was not about to let this transgression stand.

As he journeyed home TG made it a priority to stop by the childhood homes of every cartel member and make sweet unforgiving love to their mothers. TG has a thing for people’s mothers (it’s his dick). Every home he broke into had a lonely and underappreciated mother. TG was more than willing to help ease their sadness and bring them a joy that their cartel offspring couldn’t. After hours of lovemaking and countless TGasms given, TG managed to infiltrate the gene pool of every single cartel member.

TG has since returned home to his family but he is not ready to rest yet. It isn’t enough to simply fuck his way into the cartel’s future bloodlines. He now seeks their agony. Their blood. Their bones. Their souls. There will be a raid on Mexico and TG will get what he wants and more. He will send a message to all those who would stand against him.

If you are a Mexican, traffic drugs, and thought you killed an old man a couple years ago, you are doomed. You are roughly nine months away from having a new little brother or sister and then a druid will hunt you down and paint the land with your blood.

T Mother Fucking G is back. You better lube up.

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